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             is a strategy consultancy firm

specialising in corporate real estate

Trained in the rigour and analysis of strategy consulting, we have successfully completed

multiple real estate assignments on behalf of discerning clients on very different problems.


Above all else, we listen. We identify the issues. We integrate your specific requirements.

We take your ideas into account. We formulate beliefs while remaining flexible.

We develop the best path to achieving your objective

and support you in implementing it.

Faced with a problem, we will work at your side

until the best scenario is found and adopted

 ... By all.

We carry out in-depth study phases and analyses so as to reduce your costs and to generate /to invest liquidity or promote profitable growth, whilst ensuring their validation for all stakeholders.

Master plan

Strategy plan for a corporate real estate department or an investment company



Design of a target organisation

Opportunity assessment

Analysing to take a decision

Our recommendations are rooted in reality.

They have an impact precisely because they are pragmatic

and developed with you...

Beyond the recommendations, we are able to deliver

tangible results thanks to our skills at negotiating,

whether that be for lease or investment transactions.

Implementing to make it real

Complex asset redevelopment/Property marketing

Structuring dispositions

or Sale & Lease Back


Transaction management

(lease acquisition or renegotiation)

Acquisition of individual

assets or portfolios

You are faced with an ambitious objective ?

We will support you in achieving your goals.

We support your teams by working on sensitive problems

and guarantee the confidentiality of your thought processes

and projects

Due diligences




Assistance choosing

the right service providers


Market analysis


Workplace strategy/ Workspace definition

We employ systems of remuneration

that align our interests with those of our clients

We advise businesses who look for

a conflict of interest free trusted advisor on any issue with regards

to their corporate real estate


Blue chip and large corporations dealing with complex issues

Midsize firms and fast growing companies looking for transaction management

and implementation skills

Guillaume SAVARD

Amandine DUMONT

Be yourself everyone

else is already taken

Oscar Wilde

It's doubtless a fine harmony

when doing and saying go together


A graduate of the ESCP Europe business school, with a Diplom Kaufmann from the Technische Universität of Berlin, a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt and Chartered Surveyor, he has worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, GE Capital and Jones Lang LaSalle.


20 years' experience in strategy consultancy of which 10 has been in the real estate sector.


Guillaume has advised numerous companies listed on the CAC40 and the SBF250.


He works in particular on transformation projects

and Sale & Lease Back transactions.

A graduate of the ESSEC and the Paris Panthéon Assas and Paris Sorbonne universities, she has worked at AT Kearney and Jones Lang LaSalle.


12 years' experience in strategy consultancy of which half has been in the real estate sector.


Amandine has provided advice to some very exacting companies: law firms, investment funds, investment banks and luxury goods companies.


She works on projects that have a significant analytical dimension or that include negotiations.

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."


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75002 PARIS


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